The House We Sheltered In and The Masks We Wore: A Pandemic Picture Book

The two covers of the book in a vertically flipping animation

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The House We Sheltered In and The Masks We Wore

Three Daughters Press, 2023
ISBN: 978-0-9906197-9-6

A picture book celebrating the joys of homebound life and the collective heroism of our fight against COVID-19.

A dual volume: two stories that start from each end of a flippable book.

Written by poet and author Freeman Ng and illustrated by a team of 14 artists:

Alicia Schwab, Annie Kuhn, Brigitte West, Cheryl Ann Warren, Eshanthie Tyner, Gabriela Vega, Haley Grunloh, Jessica Chrysler, Juliana Castro, Rebecca Hoenig, Ruby Michelle, Sara Nintzel, Olivia Pinney, and Wendy Roble


* Author Freeman Ng earns an affiliate fee for purchases made through the Bookshop and Amazon buttons.

Copies not purchased through Lulu will also come with two blank pages appended (unavoidably) to the “end” of the book. (The start of the “second” book.)